SEO in 2019 – Quick 9 Points

SEO in 2019

1. RankBrain focuses on two things:

  1. How long someone spends on your page (Dwell Time)
  2. The percentage of people that click on your result (Click Through Rate)

2. Become a CTR Jedi

  • Google is crowding out the organic search results with Answer Boxes, Ads, Carousels, ?People also ask? sections, and more.
  • And to stand out in the SERPs, your result needs to scream ?click on me!?? or else it?ll be ignored.

3. Rank Content In The Featured Snippet

  • First, find Featured Snippet opportunities

Your first step is to find:

1. Keywords that you already rank for

2. Keywords that have a Featured Snippet

  • Next, create ?Snippet Bait?
  • ?Snippet Bait? is a 40-60 word block of content specifically designed to rank in the Featured Snippet spot.
  • Finally, format your content for other types of Featured Snippets.
  • Snippet Bait works best for so-called ?Paragraph Snippets?.

4. Comprehensive, In-Depth Content Wins

  • How To Write Comprehensive, In-Depth Content
  • So: how can you write the type of in-depth content that Google wants to see?
  • First, publish content that?s at least 2,000 words. That way, you can cover everything a Google searcher needs to know about that topic.
  • In fact, our ranking factors study found that longer content (like ultimate guides and long-form blog posts) outranked short articles in Google.

5. Optimize for Google’s Mobile-First Index

How to Optimize for Google?s Mobile-First Index: 3 Simple Steps

  1. Make Your Content Consistent Across Desktop and Mobile
  2. Move From m. to Responsive Design
  3. Make Sure Your Site Kicks Butt On Mobile

6. Go All-In With Video (Or Get Left Behind)

  • Tap Into YouTube
  • More and more people are searching for stuff on YouTube? and skipping Google altogether.
  • So if you want to get more traffic from SEO in 2019, I recommend creating and optimizing content specifically for YouTube.
  • It?s a search engine that?s too big to ignore.
  • Embed Video Content Into Text-Based Blog Posts

7. Optimize for Voice Search

  1. First, your content needs to rank high in the search results.
  2. Next, it helps A LOT if your content appears in a Featured Snippet.
  3. Finally, include a question (and answer) in your content.

8. Don’t Forget: Content and Links Are Key

  • Without amazing content, you?ll never get links. And without link building, you won?t crack the first page.
  • Quality content and links will still be the foundation of SEO in 2019.

9. Quick Tips for SEO in 2019

  1. A focus on E-A-T. (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). Google wants to feature content written by experts.
  2. Create Visual Content (Especially ?Embeddable Images?). Just like video, visual content is growing fast. In fact, a recent poll found that 37% of marketers stated that visual marketing was the most important form of content for their business. ?Embeddable Images? can do just as well as a fancy info-graphic?if not better.
  3. Encourage Comments on Your Site

Do blog comments help your rankings?

The answer seems to be: ?YES!?.

In fact, Google stated that community (blog comments) can help ?a lot? with rankings.

And last year Google said that ?Comments are better on-site for engagement signals for SEO than moving to social.?



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