Social Media Optimization, SMO Plan

Social Media Optimization, SMO Plan

SMO or?Social media marketing is all about marketing through social networking sites. We can promote our website through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & s etc.

  1. Facebook
  • Fan page
  • Likes
  • Status posts
  • Comments
  1. Twitter
  • Custom Background
  • Following
  • Followers
  • Tweets, Retweets with #tag
  • Favourites, Reply
  1. Linkedin
  • Profile setup
  • Connections
  • Group Creations
  • Status posts
  1. Pinterest
  • Profile setup
  • Followers
  • Pins
  1. Video
  • Creation
  • Submission
  • Optimization
  1. We can put our site?s link by?initiating?and participating in?discussions?related to our services:
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Groups?on Linkedin
  • Groups on yahoo
  • Groups on Facebook
  • Yahoo answers

Paid SMO:

Below are the paid activities we can do through Facebook:

  1. Boost post
  2. Promote page
  3. Send people to our website
  4. Increase conversions on our website
  5. Get installs of app
  6. Increase engagement in app
  7. Raise attendance at event
  8. Get people to claim our offer
  9. Get video views

Below are the paid activities we can do through Twitter:

  1. Increase followers
  2. Website clicks and conversions
  3. Tweet engagements
  4. App installs and engagements
  5. Leads on twitter

Things to be keep in mind when doing SMO:

  1. Define objectives and set goals
  2. Make people smarter
  3. Increase link ability
  4. Tag content so it travel faster
  5. Make access to content easy
  6. Use permalinks in blogs for keywords and sharing
  7. Reward helpful and valuable influencers
  8. Be a useful resource, even if it doesn?t help you
  9. Don?t forget your roots; be humble
  10. Let go of an idea and let others do it
  11. Know who and how to target
  12. Stay fresh


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