What is SMO?

SMO or Social Media Optimization utilizes various social media networks to manage and augment the bandwidth of a company’s online brand presence.

How is SMO different from SEO?

The common goal of both SMO and SEO is to optimize the company’s online presence. SMO indicates the perfect collaboration between search engine optimization or SEO and Social Media (SM). Social Media Optimization will help to connect all your social media accounts in such a cohesive way that it appears as a consistent and balanced social brand network that directs your potential customers where you want to lead them. SEO on the other hand is a set of strategies with the broad long term goal of elevating the company’s search engine rankings so as to bring more people to your website. SMO can be one aspect of SEO. Whereas SEO has a broader framework.

Are SMO and SMM similar or different from each other?

One can say that SMO and SMM are two sides of the same coin. SMM or Social Media Marketing starts where SMO ends. Social Media Marketing is a long term process where the focus is on posting updates, initiating campaigns, and other branding activities. Whereas Social Media Optimization is also an extensive process, where the website and its web pages are worked upon so that they can perform in the optimum extent possible on social media.

What are the techniques adopted for SMO?

One of the popular methods for SMO is adding social widgets and badges to one’s web pages. This will enable the visitors to share the content with ease on their preferred social networks. Installing social sharing buttons is another similar method. Ensure that the buttons are placed at optimum places so as to enable to find them easily and share progressively with each unit of content.
Introducing social sign-ins is another method to widen the visibility of your social footprint. The idea is to develop engagement with users as this would also offer an easy sign up process for your business. One of the essential parameters to gain visibility is to create great content consistently and let it flow on social media. Regular updates which are optimized for reach works wonders for SMO.

What are the benefits of SMO to my business?

SMO is one of the top sources to drive traffic to your website. These days since many people are hooked onto social networks and communities it will give visibility to your website brand. On the one hand SMO provides various free options like blogging, forum posting etc. there are also paid mediums such as advertising on social media channels on the other. These are not only cost-effective and enjoy a better success rate to reach targeted audience in comparison. Social media is always a two-way communication channel wherein customers can directly reach out to the company with their grievances, feedback as the case may be and similarly company on its part can post quick updates and maintain close knitted relationship by transferring news, information and keep a check on any damage control.

Why are “post updates” on Facebook wall important for SMO?

In any social media strategy, the referral traffic is more important than the number of fans or followers. If your website is starting to attract a quantum of Facebook users, your post updates will show up in their news feeds. It is always recommendable to use only legitimate and organic methods of attracting Facebook fans. Avoid falling for promos which offer to artificially increase your number of Facebook fans, as undoubtedly quite some volume are fake and not real people.

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