What is Pay Per Click or PPC?

The term pay per click is derived from the fact that the advertiser has to pay the publisher (the owner of the website) when the ad which is strategically placed on search engines is clicked on by the visitor. Hence it is also called as cost per click since there is no cost in only placing the ad. These ads appear as per the relevant word queries entered by the user. This is a paid means to get traffic to the advertiser’s website.

What is the mechanism behind PPC ads?

PPC advertising is a means of creating targeted ads. Since in internet marketing, mostly everything can be marked down to the actual usage, so is this mechanism of PPC ads. Here, the advertiser will determine the maximum cost or bid which they grant to pay per click. Besides the other criteria, their bid will determine the position of the ad on the search results page or SERP.

How will PPC ads benefit my business?

PPC is a convenient and most cost-effective way to elevate brand awareness and generate targeted new prospects. This way you get instant results and also are in control of your marketing budget. Moreover, the results are measurable based on the metrics of conversion. PPC campaigns help you plan better depending on what works and what doesn’t and also one of the best ways to reach out to the captive audience online.

Are PPC and Adwords one and the same thing?

PPC as explained is a paid form of search engine advertising. These ads can bear the form of text ads, image ads or video ads. These banner ads are viewed on the websites or broader platforms along with the relevant content itself. Measurement of effectiveness is based on cost per impression. Whereas Google Ads is an advertising service provided by Google. Here advertisers run campaigns on the Google Search or the Display Network. Google provides a free tool within Ads, which can automatically generate banners based on one of the existing text ads.

I am a newcomer to internet marketing. Is investing in PPC risky?

Not at all. On the contrary PPC advertising will help regulate and keep a check on your marketing budget. It offers a quick entry to the online advertising world. The results can be easily measured and tracked. PPC works smoothly with other marketing channels and provides a wealth of useful data to compile list of prospect customers. Getting into PPC will fetch you valuable traffic and instant revenue.

Why should I hand over the campaign to a PPC agency or specialist?

Anyone who is new to online advertising and lacks an in-house advertising team will need the help of a PPC management company. These will help you with analyzing keywords, framing channel strategy, monitoring the campaign, competitor analysis, filtering out users who belong to a particular category and are not likely to convert.

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